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The Best Co-op Games To Play In Quarantine

Updated: May 7, 2020

With all the time in the world to kill while you're inside waiting for the coronavirus to simmer down, you might be looking for a way to beat boredom. What better way to enjoy social distancing than to play some co-op games with your quarantine buddies? Here's a list of games you could play with pretty much anybody and have a great time while doing so...

Dying Light

A beautifully topical way to start this list, Dying Light is the first and last stop in helping you fulfill your zombie pandemic fantasies.

If you don't give this game a try for the joy of hacking infected humans limb from limb, give it a go for its free-flowing parkour, and its entertaining co-op. Playing alone can be scary, but this game really hits its stride when you play with up to 3 friends. Dying Light sees you take on the role of Kyle Crane, a special agent sent into a zombie-infested city. During the day you'll face infected and surviving humans, but at night things become all the more dangerous.

Not only is it a great way to blow off some steam, but you'll be able to get plenty of mileage out of it since its main DLC, The Following, is essentially a sequel on its own. The Following sees you move from Haran's bustling city streets to the rotting countryside. You'll get a dune buggy and careen through fields full of zombies. It is hands down one of the best and most underrated games of this console generation.

Price: £34.99

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC


Have you ever dreamt of owning your own restaurant? Have you ever wished that you could scream at your friends and family the way that Gordon Ramsay screams at his employees? Overcooked is the perfect opportunity to do both.

When a giant spaghetti meatball begins terrorizing the Onion Kingdom, it becomes you and your friends' jobs to go back in time, learn to cook and deal with the overwhelming demand of running a kitchen, so you can eventually fill the meatball's bottomless appetite.

Frequently chaotic and always enjoyable, Overcooked lets you team up with up to three sous-chefs and work together to deliver hundreds of delicious plates in the whackiest of settings. Cook in space, in a volcano, on a pirate ship, and on ice - just make sure you wash your hands first.

If you don't believe how fun this game could be, check out our let's play here

Price: £12.99

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

GTA Online

If Overcooked is the best way for you and your friends or family to have structured, objective-based cooperative fun, GTA Online is the best way for you to lose yourselves in a timeless void of endless opportunity.

Simply put, the game offers all the fun and activity of single-player Grand Theft Auto games but allows you to play with friends. Want to slowly take over LA by purchasing nightclubs, garages, and properties? Want to get a perfect gang together by starting a criminal company, motorcycle gang, or money laundering business? Would you like to ride a bicycle up an extremely tall mountain, or attach a submarine to a helicopter? GTA Online offers all these things and more. The only dilemma to solve is where to start.

Price: £29.99

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC

A Way Out

Don't you hate all these co-op games that want you to play as more than a pair? A Way Out is the game that finally offers you an experience that's specifically designed for 2-player split-screen enjoyment.

If you're in the mood for more of a story-based adventure, this game is the one for you. You and a partner will control one of two men put in prison by a mutual enemy. Your job is to break out, work out who set you up, and put it all to rest. You'll escape prison, infiltrate a hospital, take part in investigations, and play plenty of mini-games, entirely in split-screen - even if you play online.

Because of its specific design, A Way Out is one of the very best 2-player games ever made.

Price: £24.99

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC


If you haven't played a MarioKart game with friends and family, now is a perfect time. We all know being stuck inside with the same group of people can be infuriating, so why not vent all that frustration by making those people lose a hotly contested race because you threw a banana peel at them. Better yet, end them completely by blue-shelling them just as they s about to win.

MarioKart - infuriate your friends and family!

Price: MK8 Deluxe (most recent iteration) = £49.99

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Pretty much any other Nintendo console.

TowerFall Ascension

At this point you might be hungry for some kind of fighting game, but since this is a co-op list, why not get a game that can do both? Towerfall Ascension is a beautiful little game by MattMakesGames, the award-winning creator of Celeste. You'll take control of an 8-bit archer as you enter battle arenas, either channeling your innner-Legolas at waves upon waves of AI enemies, or, at one another.

Towerfall lets you pick up and play, or practice and master its surprisingly deep gameplay. Playing together is so rewarding that you'll often find yourselves playing VS mode just so you don't get through the game too quickly. Take caution though, Towerfall won't get any easier the more you play.

Want to see some gameplay? Click Here

Price: £11.49

Platforms: PS4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Human Fall Flat

From the moment you flop into Human Fall Flat's delightful physics-based world, you'll know what you're getting yourself into.

Human Fall Flat lets you take control of squishy, humanoid sprites in a world rife with physics puzzles. Your customizable little creature isn't the easiest to control, and that's for a reason. You'll laugh yourself off the edge of a level when you can barely grab a door strongly enough to open it. Better yet, your co-op partner will give you a slapstick-style smack for trying to solve a puzzle in a silly way.

Human Fall Flat is a digestible, hilarious, and frequently adorable game. You'd be daft to miss it.

Price: £5.79

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Far Cry

Last but certainly not least, Far Cry 4 and 5 offer you the chance to overthrow malicious cult leaders and tyrannical dictators as a team.

You'll experience the full fun of a single-player Far Cry game, but you'll get to work together to liberate outposts, take fortresses, and hunt wild animals. Nothing can be funnier while playing these games than coming up with an action plan for taking an outpost, trying your hardest to do everything right, then watching everything crumble beneath you because you or your partners have had a misstep.

Offering you the perfect median on this list between objectives, exploration, story, and co-ordination, Far Cry 4 or 5 will let you go on an adventure, no matter who you choose to play with.

Price: FC4 =£8.99, FC5 = £12.99

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

What did we miss? What games are you playing to kill time during the apocalypse? Let us know in the comments below!

Image Credits: EA, Nintendo, Ubisoft, 505 Games, MattMakesGames, Rockstar Games, Ghost Town Games, Techland

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