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The Biggest News in Gaming (Week Beginning 13/04/20)

Updated: May 8, 2020

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Sony Reportedly Limits Number of Launch PS5 Units

According to an anonymous source, Sony will be limiting its initial batch of PlayStation 5 consoles to 6 million.

Speaking to Bloomberg, the source said that because the next-generation console's ambitious specs will drive the price up, Sony plans to limit the number of consoles available in global marketplaces so that demand remains high.

The source has said this limitation would only last until the end of March 2021. In comparison, the PlayStation 4 sold 7.5 million units in the same amount of time.

Although approached for comment on the leak, Sony declined the chance to confirm or deny.

According to the Bloomberg report, PlayStation 5's production has been unaffected by the current COVID-19 pandemic and the console is still on course for a release in the final months of 2020. Sources did tell Bloomberg that Sony's marketing campaign had been affected, however, leading them to reveal the DualSense controller in a different way than they had planned.

Earlier this year, anonymous sources told Bloomberg that the Japanese tech giant was struggling to price the PS5 due to its pricey components, but that the production cost was around $450 USD per unit.

WWE 2K21 Reportedly Cancelled After Previous Game's Problems

Justin Leeper, a former developer on previous WWE games, has said that 2K games will not be publishing an installment of its annualised WWE game franchise this year.

Leeper, who has written narratives for previous games, published a video to YouTube this week entitled "WWE 2K21 Cancelled, Say Reliable Sources. Non-Sim WWE Game Out In 2020".

In the video, he says "I have heard from reliable sources and I truly believe that WWE 2K21 has been canceled. There'll be no game this year."

Reveal trailers for upcoming WWE games are usually shared at Wrestlemania, but no such trailer was shown at this year's event.

If the cancellation is true, this will be the first time in over 15 years that an officially licensed WWE game isn't released.

Leeper did, however, say that "your plate as a consumer will not be bare this year,

"I have heard also that there is another WWE game this year, that 2K is publishing. A different kind of WWE game from a different kind of game developer that's not Visual Concepts."

WWE 2K20, released in October of 2019, suffered many technical issues and poor review scores. Many said this was to do with long-serving developer Yukes splitting with the rights holder, 2K back in August of 2019.

Chinese Government Pulls Animal Crossing New Horizons From Sale

After some players used the game to spread Hong Kong pro-democracy messages, the Chinese government has pulled Animal Crossing from online sales in the country.

The decision came after Joshua Wong, a high profile activist from Hong Kong shared a screenshot online of his island with a custom design banner which said "Free Hong Kong, revolution Now".

Wong uploaded the image to Twitter, saying "For lots of people around the world who play this game, they have to put their ideal life into the game,

"And for Hong Kongers, we have to put our protest movement and our protest sites inside the game.”

Although no official order from the government has been released as of yet, one online seller told Ping West that a message was sent to all online stores telling them that a ban had been ordered on all sales of Animal Crossing products.

Jason Schreier Leaves Kotaku

After eight years of service, video game journalist Jason Schreier has left Kotaku.

Schreier, who is the News Editor at the website, is the latest in a long line of employees to leave the publication due to poor management under parent company G/O Media.

The reporter took to Twitter this week to say "Some news: After eight years and some change, I am leaving Kotaku.

"I'm taking a few weeks off to finish up my book and hang out with my daughter, then starting a new job reporting on video games at another outlet."

No news has surfaced about where he will be working next.

Jason Schreier has bolstered the strength of Kotaku's news in recent years by publishing stories about harsh working conditions in the video game industry, among other hard-hitting stories.

"I can't speak highly enough of all of my colleagues at Kotaku (whom I will miss deeply), and I hope that the attrition at G/O Media convinces our private equity owners to make the management changes needed for all of our websites to survive," Schrier added.

Kotaku's parent company, G/O media, has come under plenty of scrutiny in the last year after overloading sites with intrusive ads and interfering with editorial decisions.

"I’ve been through a lot with this company. Since 2012, we’ve been through a whole lot of management shifts and resignations and firings and drama,” Schreier told The Washington Post.

“I’ve been through a lot of cataclysmic shifts because it always felt like, through it all, we were guided by people who always cared about journalism, and unfortunately, I’m not sure that’s the case anymore."

Image Credits: GamesPress, 2K Games, Fraser Porter

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